TrekStor Peak Specifications Price

TrekStor Peak 3.0 SSD is a small and portable mini-solid state drive which compared to traditional hard disk drives is much less bulky and offers better response times and faster data transfer rates. Also it does not heat and is absolutely silent.

TrekStor Peak specs price

TrekStor Peak 3.0 SSD specifications

It is compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 but in order to reach maximum speed of 280 MB / s write and 430 MB / s read, you will need to use USB 3.0 port.  TrekStor Peak is very compact measuring only 50 x 10 x 84 mm and weighing only 36 grams. The package includes a sleek black leather case that has room for storing paper notes and credit cards.

TrekStor Peak Price

TekStore will be offering it in several versions with different capacities ranging from 120GB which will cost you 90 euro to maximum of 1 terabyte one that will retail at 549 euro. It not only offers cutting edge functionality and performance but also allows user the convenience and discretion to carry his data and multimedia content.

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