ThunderX3 BC3, new gaming chair with AIR technology and carbon fiber

ThunderX3 BC3

Thunder X3 is a brand recently incorporated into many sectors within eSports and gaming. Little by little he is taking products to the market with which he intends to open a gap and compete in sales. To differentiate itself from the competition that it has within the sector, ThunderX3 has created a new gaming chair called BC3 with AIR technology and with carbon fiber finishes.

If we have learned something that we dedicate our lives to working behind a screen is that comfort and ergonomics avoid muscle aches. It is not the same to be seated 2 hours than 14. This is well known to professional gamers, who are the ultimate expression in terms of eSports are also demanding in all aspects of their work.

That’s why ThunderX3 has launched this BC3, for gamers looking for good materials, great design and superior range features. This ThunderX3 BC3 has two cushions: one lumbar and one cervical, both removable, a 2D armrest and an adjustable backrest thanks to an enveloping and very comfortable design.

The padding, like any good gamer chair, is made up of high density malleable foam to adjust to our body and back, providing the best rest.

One of the novelties that this chair introduces to the market is the AIR technology. This technology is present throughout the chair and produces a breathable system that keeps the chair cool and comfortable during the passing hours.

For this, ThunderX3 equipped this BC3 with three key points: microperforated design, non-woven material and the aforementioned malleable high density foam filling. Together they make this AIR technology one of the strengths of this BC3. In addition, the synthetic leather upholstery is anti-splash, protecting the chair from accidental stains.

The 2D armrests allow you to adjust both height and orientation, while its backrest can be reclined up to 180ยบ, so we can lie down completely and rest between games or long hours of gaming.

This ThunderX3 BC3 includes a Class 3 piston that supports up to 150Kg, and includes for an optimal displacement wheels of great durability and quality.

As an extra detail and emulating competition cars, this chair has a carbon fiber finish on the back that gives it a premium point and a much improved look, ensuring that our ThunderX3 BC3 looks amazing from any angle or environment.

If you liked this chair, you can get it at a price of 179.90 euros at authorized dealers by the brand.

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