SK Hynix 5200 MHz DDR5 RAM memory chips announced

RAM memory chip maker SK Hynix has just introduced the first DDR5 RAM chips with a capacity of 16 Gb. According to the company, these new RAM chips would be the first, on a global scale, that would faithfully follow the specifications of the consortium. JEDEC for the production of this new model of RAM. One of the great advantages of this new type of memory is the decrease in the consumption of RAM, and the increase in data transfer rates that can be achieved with it.

SK Hynix 5200 MHz DDR5 RAM

We have been reporting for some time now about the evolution of the current DDR4 RAM: the DDR5 RAM. This new type of RAM would double the file transfer rate that is capable of reaching the current DDR4 memory, while allowing a pronounced decrease in RAM consumption.

In this regard, SK Hynix has been able to confirm that the new DDR5 memory chips that it has presented, are capable of reaching a transfer rate of 5,200 Mbps. An increase more than substantial, if we compare it with the most frequent rates of DDR4 RAM, which tend to be between 3,000 and 3,400 Mbps. This, obviously, will allow the flow of data between the processor and the RAM modules It is done much faster, increasing the performance of the teams that mount it on their motherboards.

Although the new SK Hynix DDR5 RAM chips represent an important advance in the development of new RAM, the manufacturer does not expect to begin adopting this type of RAM until well into 2020, and probably start This adoption by the market of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning servers. In fact, the manufacturer himself has stated that he does not expect to start the production of these chips until that same year. Even so, the strong adoption of this report is not expected to start before the year 2022.

The new SK Hynix DDR5 RAM is capable of processing 41.6 GB of data per second, figures that are quite similar to those achieved today with good RAM modules. For example, here you can see the performance of a DDR4-3200 RAM.

As you can see, they are quite similar to the performance declared by SK Hynix for their DDR5 RAM. Yes, the great trick that can play this manufacturer is that the RAM chips that today has presented, can work with 30% less power than the power needed to run the DDR4 RAM currently.

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