Silicon Power P34M85, P34A80, P32M85, P32A80 NVMe SSDs with up to 2,700 MB / s of speed released

Silicon Power P34M85, P34A80, P32M85, P32A80

The manufacturer Silicon Power, specialized in the development and manufacture of solid storage units, has introduced four new storage units, all of them using the PCIe bus of the motherboard. Thanks to this aspect, the maximum speed that these units are able to reach will be 2,700 MB / s, speeds much higher than those of the traditional SATA.

The drop in the price of solid state units, which we have witnessed for a few months, has encouraged many companies to start launching new models for the market of solid units that operate through the PCIe bus of the motherboard. These new units tend to be, almost in their immense majority, considerably faster than the traditional units that work using the SATA bus of the board, which has transfer speeds limited to 600 MB / s (theoretical).

The new SSDs of Silicon Power make use of the PCIe bus of the board, and are presented in two versions each: ones that use four data paths of this bus, while the others use only two data paths and, therefore, their speeds are noticeably lower. In all cases, the new NVMe SSD will go on sale with capacities ranging from 120 GB of the smallest model, to 1 TB of the highest capacity model.

As we have said before, the new NVMe SSD from Silicon Power are able to reach 2,700 MB / s in reading, while, for writing, these speeds are at 1,400 MB / s. This, relative to the models that use four data channels on the PCIe bus. The models that use two data paths in the bus of the motherboard, have transfer speeds of 1,600 MB / s in reading and 1,000 MB / s in writing.

Apart from the differences in transfer speeds, the top models of each series, the M85, also have an integrated heat sink, to try to mitigate the big problem NVD SSD, which are usually high temperatures that they reach when they are in operation, which can lead to these units presenting Thermal Throttling.

The models that have been presented today are:

P34M85 (PCIe x4): 240/480/960 GB.
P34A80 (PCIe x4): 256/512/1 TB.
P32M85 (PCIe x2): 120/240/480 GB.
P32A80 (PCIe x2): 128/256/512 GB.

The P32A80 and P34A80 models are covered by a three-year warranty, while the other two are covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Pricing information is not yet available.

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