Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ on sale in Italy for 900/1000 euros

galaxy s9 italy price

Samsung has officially launched Galaxy S9 and S9+ in Italy today. The phone was available for pre order since its official launch in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2018. The base model comes with 64GB of flash storage and made available in midnight black, coral blue and lilac purple. Prices start at 900 euro for S9 and 1000 euro for S9+. There is a special Galaxy S9+ variant with 256GB of storage that is made available to the Italian consumers. The micro SD slot lets you add upto 400GB additional storage with ease.

There is a special offer as well which will allow you to sell your phone back to Samsung for 450 euros after using it for few months. This is great for those who change their phones often.

The main feature that makes Galaxy S9 and S9+ so different from rest of the phones is their dual aperture lens that takes best photos on a smartphone (F1.5-2.4) – bar none. It also has super slow motion capture mode that lets you capture videos at 900 FPS.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ also introduce My Emoji app that lets users create avatar with appearance, sound and behavior similar to them. You can record videos and share the pictures with your friends.

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