Premobox Specifications, an Italian Mini Pocket PC with HDMI and Five USB

Premobox is a project made in Italy and it is basically a mini Pocket PC with a rich set of interfaces such as HDMI,SATA, LAN 3, five USB ports and Wi-Fi connectivity.

premobox price

Premobox price is 179 euro including VAT which is amazing for a mini PC that is compact, powerful and flexible.

Premobox Specifications

Premobox specs include dual core Cortex A7 processor that runs at 1GHz clock speed, 1GB RAM and up to 64GB of on board flash storage. Graphics are handled by Premobox’s Mali 400 GPU that has two cores. You can connect up to two antennas on it. 

However, the main selling point of the Premobox is not the amount of ports but its dimensions which are mere 29 x 65 x 105 mm.

Premobox port selection includes HDMI port, SATA, Gigabit LAN 3 and five USB ports. It also equipped with on / off button to avoid overheating, energy saving, and a connector for power supply (5V). PremoBox can be used as classic mini PC as well as pocket PC. It also comes with ad hoc software that offers following functionality.

* Parental Control to filter access to websites “inappropriate” for minors and limit the misuse of the Internet in the workplace.
* TOR node to encrypt and anonymous Internet traffic, without having to install software on the PC.
* Internal routing to create logical subnets to partition network traffic your office, safeguarding sensitive areas against unauthorized access.

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