Movavi Mac Cleaner is best junk file remover

Movavi Mac Cleaner is a must have application for those who are tired of their macs running slow. After no want would want their 1000 dollar laptop running slow just after few months of use, right? The sad part is that lots of junk and unwanted files prevent your laptop from running at its normal speed, resulting in slower, sluggish performance.
Movavi Mac Cleaner

The solution is to download and install Movavi mac cleaner utility Installation takes only a couple of seconds. Immediately after starting the app, you will see it scanning and finding the junk files on your computer. A progress bar located below will show you the amount of junk files present and how much storage you can free by using this app. It might go into gigabytes if you have never done a cleanup. After the scan has completed, you can click on the Start Cleaning button to initiate the cleanup process.

By default, the Movavi Mac Cleaner uses English as its default language but you can easily change this to languages of your choice by clicking on the gear wheel icon.
movavi mac cleaner system cleanup

You can free up more storage by diving into advanced System cleanup feature. Here you can tell the app to delete a particular type of file from your computer. For example: if you want to get rid of all duplicate files from your hard disk, you can use this option for that. In a similar fashion, you can delete log files, cache files and trash bins, freeing up gigabytes of clogged data. You can use this space for storing something more useful.

Movavi Mac Cleaner also lets you delete unused localizations that include language files one is never going to use. This, too, like cache files can run into gigabytes. Another very useful feature is Uninstaller. This lets you remove any and every leftover of the apps and games that you previously uninstalled from your Mac computer using the built in utility.
mac cleanup (3)

Use the uninstaller feature to delete the apps that are normally not uninstallable and this includes Apple Safari web browser, iBooks and even Chess. You can free up around 2.5 GB of data removing these system apps. Movavi Mac Cleaner’s Shredder feature lets you permanently delete files in such a way that not even the most powerful data recovery software can recover the files. This is achieved by overwriting the data with random information.

All these things will make your Mac run much faster and smoother than before.

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