HP Pavilion Mini Specifications Price

HP Pavilion Mini is a mini computer that runs windows operating system. According to many technology pundits, it is the first real opponent of the Chromebox. The Pavilion Mini comes equipped with either Pentium or Core i3 processor, up to 8 gigabytes of memory, upto 1 terabytes of storage on traditional hard drive. It will reach market shelves by February with a price tag of 349 euro, complete with keyboard and mouse bundle.

HP Pavilion Mini

Folks at notebookitalia were able to spend quite some time with the HP Pavilion Mini and have reviewed it. The body of the Mini is completely white and despite its small size, it packs all the necessary ports you will ever need.

Ports selection includes four USB 3.0, Ethernet, audio jack, Kensington, HDMI and display port. These two digital video output ports allow you to use up to two external displays at the same time.

There is some hardware difference between the HP Pavilion Mini and Mini Stream that was released earlier. The Pavilion is more powerful that allows you to use it as a productive device.

HP Pavilion Mini ports

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