How to add the background to photo

Many times when we take pictures of an object or somebody, there are always some background details that did not want in the first place. Now, unless you are a computer expert, you will have hard time removing those objects. Fortunately, there are tools that will help you get rid of these unwanted details and the best one is by using background removal feature of the Movavi Photo Editor.

Movavi Photo Editor for Win

Their tool will allow you to make the background transparent allowing one to add stylish promo photos and all kinds of stuff. Available for both windows operating system and MacOS, the Movavi photo editor lets you easily change background of picture and a lot more as it comes with robust set of tools that even a non-computer expert can use.

After downloading, Mac users will get a DMG type file which they will have to drop to the Applications icon to complete the installation. Windows users get exe file that will give you a super easy to use installation wizard. After the application install is complete, just double click on the icon to start application.

Drag and drop pictures into the application windows. You can also click on the “browse for images” button to start uploading the pictures. Remember, you can more than one picture at a time. Go to the tab that says “background removal” and use its green foreground brush tool to select all objects that you want to keep in the picture.

Ones that you do not need shall be marked with the red background brush. All the marked objects are shown with a yellow outline. Click on Set new background and select an image of your choice to swap it older background. Feel free to do other adjustments like brightness, contrast and so on to make your image even better.

Once you have applied all the effects, click on the Apply button. It is totally possible to discard last or any changes made to the image by clicking on Undo button and to restore the original image, you can click on Revert to Original. Save the updated picture by clicking on the Export button which will save the picture on hard disk of your computer. Save it in format of your choice.

And that it – You now know how to change background of any picture easily. Anyone can do professional level photo editing with this Movavi application.

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