Hannspree Smartwatch Pulse specifications: an affordable smartwatch

Hannspree Smartwatch Pulse is the top model of the company packing traditional watch look with a comfortable leather strap and a black case in stainless steel. Its round design maximizes the display area of its 22.1 mm IPS capacitive touchscreen.

Hannspree Smartwatch Pulse specifications

Hannspree Smartwatch Pulse specifications

CPU: MediaTek MT2502A
Memory: 32MB ROM + 128MB RAM
Display: 22.1-inch IPS (240 x 206 pixels) capacitive touch with convex surface 360 ​​°
Heart rate sensor: built-in optical
Speakers: 0.7W integrated Hands-Free
Battery: 320mAh lithium polymer battery, 3.5 hours recharge time, autonomy of 3.5 hours (96 hours standby time)
Networking: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Supported operating systems: iOS 7.0 or later; Android 4.3+
Dimensions: 42.6 (diameter) x 13.8 mm (thickness – excluding screen convex)
Black Colour
Weight: 46 grams
Other: key ON / OFF, vibration, microphone, waterproof to water spray
Functions: managing incoming calls and outgoing calls, manage contacts, clock with 7 different possible interfaces, calendar, notifications, SMS messages and e-mail, Voice Recorder, Music Player, wellness, heart rate monitor, pedometer, calculating distance, calorie consumption, duration tasks, stopwatch, monitor sleep, sedentery reminder, functions ‘find my device’.

Loaded with features

Hannspree Smartwatch Pulse is compatible with iOS and Android operating system. Using this smartwatch, you can make incoming calls and outgoing calls without dialing the number of smartphones. You address book, calendar, clock and emails can be seen on the smartwatch itself.

Where to buy it

Hannspree Smartwatch Pulse is available in Italy at the price of € 148 (including VAT) . You can find it at distributors and resellers on Hannspree’s website as well as in all major online store for consumer electronics.

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