Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Silver Italy Price for 32GB and 64GB versions

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Titanium silver color in Italy. Available in two variants, 32GB and 64GB that retail for 839 and 939 euros, it is designed for those who do not want to compromise on style and performance.

samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Silver Italy Price

Samsung is doing an active promotion for the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus where if you purchase one before December 31 2015 will bag you a free three month subscription to Netflix HD.

This is a great news for this double edged curved screen lovers as you will really love watching the Netflix and media content on its glorious screen. Galaxy S6 Edge Plus offers 4K display, image stabilization, Rapid charging technology and Audio Ultra High Quality which makes it one of the most premium smartphones in the market.

Galaxy S6 edge + Silver will be available in Italy from mid-November at a recommended retail price of EUR 839 for the 32GB version and 939 Euros for the 64GB.

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