FIFA 19 crack by CPY: Denuvo is still in evidence

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It was a matter of time, many previous titles have fallen before and it was expected that finally the best soccer game in the world, FIFA 19, succumbed to the group of crackers CPY. The news has jumped through the Reddit forums, where only 3 hours ago the user ShallowSparks has put the links available in the forum.

Two months and two days, it could be the title of a great post-modern drama film where the characters are separated and after that time they meet again. But no, this time lapse is the one that has taken to crack the last game of EA for the king sport.

FIFA19 could boast of resisting the stakes of the most famous groups of crackers in the world, but it was on November 30 when it was made public that the group known as CPY wins again the game to the X64 DENUVO protection system and also to Origin.

Previously, other titles have succumbed to the bad / good arts of this group of crackers, where for example Assassins Creed: Odyssey with Denuvo 5.1 with VMProtect bit the dust shortly after its sale.

The direct rival of FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer, has also been cracked with the same protection by DENUVO, Shadow of the Tomb Raide ran the same fate two weeks ago, all, as they say, for the community and the end of the DRM.

The creators of such protection have always maintained that every game is crackeable, but if DENUVO kept any game protected during the first month, it could be said that it is a triumph. Keeping this in mind, then DENUVO has triumphed, but the community does not see it as a victory, because as long as that system is broken, the beneficiaries are all.

Created in 1999, CPY or also known as Conspiracy, they made the leap to fame by specializing in DENUVO protection and until now have managed to break most games that have been incorporating these versions over the years.

This episode only marks one more among others, as it seems his motivation is to break the largest number of games in the shortest time possible. Through various forums, the possibility of a record that certain groups of crackers want to beat is also discussed and motivated.

So much so that since summer the number of cracked games has been exponentially increasing and where the last Tomb Raider was the most talked about, since it only took 4 days to break that protection and offer the crack to the community.

At this rate and seen the seen, there will be no game that has not been mocked by the groups of crackers, as more and more titles are added to one side of the list, while in the other are each less time

Groups like CPY or FUCKDRM are not leaving, as they say, puppets without heads and they promise to come back for more.

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