ENERMAX LIQFUSION RGB: new AIO liquid cooling with 360 mm radiator and RGB

This year 2019 will be the one of the jump and confirmation to radiators of 360 mm on the part of the main manufacturers of systems of liquid refrigeration AIO. We already saw in 2018 the leading brands opt for triple radiator systems, mainly due to the need to cool the new CPUs that are to come. The brand presents its ENERMAX LIQFUSION RGB 360 in its version of 360 mm triple radiator.


ENERMAX is gaining popularity as a good manufacturer of liquid cooling systems All-In-One, so much so that just as brands have already done as Corsair plans to expand its business towards larger shares.

The LIQFUSION RGB 240 mm variant has received rave reviews from websites around the world, where it has gained fame based on small details that the competition does not include.

As for example its new block or the inclusion of a port to fill the liquid of our AIO, since over the years and micro evaporation is advisable to fill this system.

With this new AIO the brand is positioned to compete for everything against the largest, allowing users to acquire this system a better performance in terms of performance and lower sonority in their fans.

The thermal performance that is able to reach, according to ENERMAX, is 350 watts, that is, it could dissipate up to that amount of heat generated by our CPU.

The main improvement of this AIO is focused on its new 360 mm radiator, since with measures of 394 x 120 x 27 mm it stands out as being the most compact at present, because the total thickness with its fans only increases up to 53 mm.

It will be made of aluminum to maximize the heat transfer in its fins and save costs in the face of offering this AIO at a competitive price.

Its fans are another of its strengths, as in addition to having an aRGB LED system, have a speed of 2000 RPM that manages to drive up to 102 CFM with a static pressure of 6.28 mmH2O (depending on the brand).

Another detail that stands out above the competition is its block. In addition to including a visual flow control system, it carries a ceramic bearing pump with up to 50000 hours of durability that is capable of turning at 5000 RPM, which indicates the degree of performance it is capable of achieving.

To make matters worse, your cold plate has a nickel coating to improve not only the aesthetics, but its durability, since copper in contact with air oxidizes and begins to produce certain spots on its surface.

The last detail has to do with their tubes, since they are manufactured in a type of rubber / synthetic fiber of high quality called Polyamide, present for example in Nylon or Kevlar.

The length of them has been increased up to 40 cm, to facilitate installation in any type of chassis.

Its compatibility is guaranteed for most sockets, including many already old, but to be concrete:

Intel (LGA2066 / 2011-3 / 2011/1366/1156/1155/1151/115050).
AMD (AM4 / AM3 + / AM3 / AM2 + / AM2 / FM2 + / FM2 / FM1).

At the moment its price is not known for the public, but according to the brand will be available before the end of this month of January.

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