Download Counter-Strike Global Offensive Free Edition, new free version without online mode

The developer Valve has just released a new version of his popular game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, characterized by being completely free for users. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition is characterized by dispensing with the online mode of the game, replacing it by games in which users must fight against bots controlled by the computer itself.

Download Counter-Strike Global Offensive Free Edition

If there is a game that is the epitome of multiplayer gaming, that is Valve’s Counter-Strike series. Initiated with the game of the same name in 1999, the series must be one of the most played in the history of video games. Rare is the gamer who has not started or has played several games with his friends (or competition) Counter-Strike in some of its different versions : the original, Condition Zero, Source and Global Offensive.

The game has always been paid, and the truth is that the 12.49 euros that its current version on Steam costs right now, does not mean a really expensive payout for most players. But, for those that do suppose something difficult to buy, Valve has released its version Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition.

The main difference between the Free and the normal version lies, apart from its obvious price, in that the Free Edition version lacks the popular online mode, which has become so famous among gamers worldwide. Instead, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition employs bots controlled by the computer. In this way, users can play games on their own computer. This aspect can be very good for those users who are new to the game and want to train a little more before starting online games something more serious. Or for players and professionals, who wish to train between competitions.

Another function that this new version of this shooter has is the possibility to watch online games of other players in the most important leagues of this game through the GOTV channel. In this way, the newest players can learn tricks and strategies from the hand of the real professionals in this game, and then practice them in the games against the bots.

To get the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Free Edition, you just have to go to your Steam page and download it. You do not have to do anything else (except to have an active Steam account, obviously).

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