Cooler Master 24-pin 90 degree adapter launched to improve the aesthetics of your motherboard

The little details always make a difference. The big companies know this and therefore they always try to offer this bonus to their customers that allow them to scratch and build user loyalty thanks to these elements. Today Cooler Master has released one of those accessories that many are looking for for their PC, an adapter for 24-pin sources at 90 degrees.

Cooler Master 24-pin 90 degree adapter

Today any distinctive element in a modding can make a difference, just as any detail on a motherboard can boost your sales. These two examples have many similarities in common, but the one that interests us is the fact that a manufacturer throws an adapter to rotate the connector of 24 pins 90 degrees or that its motherboard already includes it as standard.

Brands like EVGA have it clear, it’s a detail that marks differences with their rivals, so in the new EVGA Z390 Dark, for example, includes not only the 24-pin cable but the 8-pin cable at a 90-degree angle by default.

This not only improves aesthetics, but is more functional at the time of system installation. Therefore, manufacturers such as Cooler Master have decided to launch an adapter that makes it possible to turn the 24-pin connector to 90 degrees, without losing performance or stability.

This new adapter is totally universal and allows any PSU that has a 24-pin connector to be connected without any fear, so much so that Cooler Master calls it Plug and Play.

It does not matter if the source we have is the oldest or the last available model, we just have to make sure that it has the aforementioned 24-pin connection.

This connector is manufactured to the highest quality standards, so Cooler Master decided to use black 94-v0 ABS plastic, which gives it the longest possible durability for this type of material. It is such a trust that the brand deposits in it that it ensures that we will have problems before with the motherboard or the cable connector before with its adapter.

Anyone can use it, either modder or a regular user who has access problems in your chassis or just want to give a new aesthetic touch to your PC.

Cooler Master will make available to users two versions of this adapter: one basic and one advanced. The basic version is only the adapter, as is. It will be Plug and Play, that is, ready to be used.

The advanced version has all the features of the basic version but adds a new parameter: it will incorporate a series of capacitors to guarantee greater stability in the most demanding environments such as extreme overclocking.

The limitation of the ripple plays an important role when we talk about general stability in a system. And is that such ripple can damage our system to occur, especially under overclocking.

The manufacturers of PSU and motherboards know this and therefore only recommend official cables or with an unquestionable quality of leading brands dedicated to modding. This is why Cooler Master offers this advanced adapter, since thanks to the built-in capacitors it reduces the fluctuation of the 24-pin cable in such environments, improving stability.

Both versions are already available and for sale in the main distributors and in the main stores, although the brand has not indicated the recommended price for its commercialization.

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