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The Best Mac Computer For Senior Citizens

Today’s seniors have seen the world evolve from the rise of cell phones to the rapid development in computer technology. Just because the technology is new, however, doesn’t mean that it is limited to the young- especially when it comes to Macs, which are easy to operate no matter how much or how little experience

Easily Edit Videos with Movavi Video Editor

It is safe to say that you probably don’t need to be told how important videos are nowadays. In recent years videos have become so widely-used across social media and you probably have shared at least some of your own videos in the past too. The only problem that you may be facing however is

How to add the background to photo

Many times when we take pictures of an object or somebody, there are always some background details that did not want in the first place. Now, unless you are a computer expert, you will have hard time removing those objects. Fortunately, there are tools that will help you get rid of these unwanted details and

Movavi Mac Cleaner is best junk file remover

Movavi Mac Cleaner is a must have application for those who are tired of their macs running slow. After no want would want their 1000 dollar laptop running slow just after few months of use, right? The sad part is that lots of junk and unwanted files prevent your laptop from running at its normal

ZTE Axon Elite 4G review: a great cheap android phone

ZTE Axon Elite 4G is an android phone with 4G LTE connectivity and it features a massive 5.5 inch gorilla glass display that looks and feel very ‘elite’ – just like its name. ZTE Axon Elite 4G review This android phone is powered by the top end Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor (MSM8994) processor and runs

Selecting the Right Internet Provider

Purchasing Internet service for your home is just as important today as adding several hundred channels to the television. Nearly every device has some Internet connectivity, including smart TVs, tablets and smartphones. It’s critical to find the perfect provider for your Internet coverage so you don’t miss a minute of action. Research Local Fiber Optic

Video File Converter for Laptops, Mobile Phones and iPhones

There are plenty of video file converters available in the digital market and it is a very difficult decision to find out which is the best one and offers most number of features without being too complex. In the past couple of months, we have tried almost each and every video file converter for both

Cube T8 Android 5.1 tablet Specifications Price

Cube T8 is an Android 5.1 tablet that brings flagship specifications at a fraction of high-end tablet price. It has 8 inch WXGA IPS display and features DDR3 memory for excellent performance. Cube T8 specifications Powered by Mediatek MT8735 processor that has four cores, it comes with 1GB RAM and 16 gigabytes of flash storage

HP Pavilion Mini Specifications Price

HP Pavilion Mini is a mini computer that runs windows operating system. According to many technology pundits, it is the first real opponent of the Chromebox. The Pavilion Mini comes equipped with either Pentium or Core i3 processor, up to 8 gigabytes of memory, upto 1 terabytes of storage on traditional hard drive. It will