Asus T100 vs T200 Windows 8 Laptops comparison

Asus T100 and T200 are the two most popular tablets that also work as laptops. Dressed in aluminum alloy and IPS panels, they come with laptop docks allowing users to use them as laptops.

However there are some noticeable differences between Asus T100TAM and T200TA. Latter offers  better user experience when in notebook configuration thanks to a wider palm rest and a more consistent typing experience.

Asus T100 vs T200 Windows 8 Laptops comparison

On the other hand the ASUS T100TAM is definitely more compact and versatile for use in mobility.

Other than the difference in keyboard and touchpad, there are no other differences between T200TA and T100TAM. Both come with screens packing 1366×768 pixel resolution, Intel Atom Z3775 processor, 2 GB RAM and an SSD with Hynix memory which is rather slow.

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