Acer Liquid Z410 Specifications Price

Acer announced a new phone called Liquid Z410 which is small and powerful. It features LTE connectivity, fast 64 bit processor, great sound and camera. Folks at notebookitalia were at CES 2015 and they have done a short review of it.

Acer Liquid Z410 Review

The new Acer Liquid Z410 is a mid-range android phone with specifications of a much more powerful phone. You get a 64 bit quad core processor which when backed by Mali 760 can handle any app or game of 2014 and 2015. The user interface is smooth and fluid, just as we expected from a smartphone in 2015.

There is an excellent camera on its back that takes high quality pictures. It features 4G LTE radio for fast web browsing on the move. The display measures 4.5 inches which is same as mid range smartphones like Lumia 635 and Motorola Moto G 2014 model.

Acer Liquid Z410 features one of its kind camera that lets you to control it by voice. For instance, you can simply say “Cheese” for taking a picture, or “Selfie” to switch to the front camera and shoot after a countdown three seconds.

Acer Liquid Z410 Review

The front speakers of the Liquid Z410 have DTS studio sound technology which provides immersive sound experience.

Acer Liquid Z410 specs

Let us talk about Z410’s battery life. In the tests, the andorid phone got 5.5 hours of talk time, or 400 hours of standby time. Both numbers are not bad for a smartphone for just over 100 Euros.

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