Acer F7200, F7500 and F7600 released in Italy

Acer F7 series is a family of projectors consisting of F7200, F7500 and F7600 for large environments with five inter changeable lenses. All of them will on sale in Italy starting from September from 2999 euros.

Acer F7200, F7500 F7600 italy

Acer F7200, F7500 and F7600 specs include five interchangeable lenses with different ratios of projection, high brightness offering up to 6000 lumens and 360 degree flexibility. The F7 series allows the option of choosing between five lenses with different ratios of projection thus providing professional installers the flexibility necessary for placement of the projectors in any environment.

* short throw: 0.8 to 5.0 meters (2.7 to 16.4 feet)
* Optical semi-short: 1-9 meters (3.3 to 29.6 feet)
* Standard optics: from 1.5 to 7 meters (4.9 to 22.9 feet)
* long Optics: 2-20 meters (6.6 to 65.5 feet)
* Optical super long: 3-20 meters (9.9 to 65.6 feet)

Acer F7200, F7500 and F7600 released in Italy

The three projectors are same but have different screen resolution: WUXGA (F7600), 1080p (F7500), and XGA (F7200). The Acer F7 series projectors will be available from the third quarter of 2016 in Italy with prices starting at € 2,999.

The Acer projectors F7 series can be rotated 360 degrees to give installers creative and flexible options for projections. This is especially useful in implementations with a fixed point of assembly, as in the case of interactive art installations or floors with projections.

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